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BroadbandAnalyzer, our flagship product, provides a platform where companies, school districts and communities can analyze broadband data against other public and private data sets.

About Us

BroadbandAnalyzer helps companies, school districts and communities that want more than a broadband map but also want to do analytics on a variety of datasets. BroadbandAnalyzer can look at broadband coverage by speed, area, demographics, locations of wireless towers, economics and health data.

BroadbandAnalyzer -  Broadband planning mapper

BroadbandAnalyzer links all the data to provide the best locations to place new internet service.

The pandemic forced everyone reassess what is considered acceptable broadband service for the United States and the world. With everyone working from home and attemting to learn remotely as best as they can, it became clear we face a number of challenges as a country.

BroadbandAnalyzer is the solution to help to solve these issues and better inform the decision-making process. There is now a lot of desire to invest in the broadband coverage in the United States. The question is where do you look to determine where to start.

BroadbandAnalyzer, our proprietary platform, ties together the data on population density, economic zones, actual bandwidth tests and surveys with our data analysis and mapping platform to provide important information about potential investments and deployments to generate the greatest impact and return.

Our Products

BroadbandAnalyzer provides broadband analysis for the United States

Assessments by areas

What to know where to look to expand coverage in an area or region of the United States? We can help.

Broadband expansion impact analysis

Need to know where in a county or area that will provide the greatest impact to the population? We can help.

Wireless Coverage

In a rural area with little hard line internet coverage and need to know where a wireless solution would work? We can help.

Broadband speed analysis

The service providers say they have high speed coverage but do they? We can look at what the speed tests and surveys say for an area.

Location recommendations

Do you need to know where to put equipment that will get you the best return on investment? We can help.

Static maps

BroadbandAnalyzer can produce high-resolution static maps for offline presentations

Our Team

Our team of technologists and broadband planners are second to none.

Brian Rathbone, CTO, CoFounder of Step42 and principal creator of Broadbandanalyzer.

Brian Rathbone

David Cook, CEO, CoFounder of Step42

David Cook


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